Black Minds Matter

Are you an African, Black, or Caribbean (ABC) UCSC student? CAPS has mental health support specifically for you! CAPS cares about your well-being and we support you.

Black woman holding a "Black Lives Matter" sign surrounded by words that say self-love, well-being, safety, self-care, minds, hearts, health, and relationships.

The Groups

Black Minds Matter is an ongoing group held every Wednesday from 2:00pm to 3:00pm via Zoom. We discuss current events that affect the black community. Led by Jackie Rabouin.

Resistance and Resilience is a support group for BIPOC students to find connection, support, and process experiences of fear, anger, and grief in reaction to current/historical social and racial injustices. The group meets Tuesdays 4 to 5:30 PM . Led by Jessica Magallanes-Evans.

Black Women's Group is a group for students who identify as female and African, Black and Caribbean to discuss and share feelings about the trials and triumphs of being a self-identified black woman in 2021. Topics for discussion will include the challenges of relationships, finances, family, school, weight, self-esteem, and loss, as examples. The group meets on Thursdays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm and is led by Jackie Rabouin.

Black Talk is for black students to explore walk-in individual therapy sessions. It's on Wednesdays from 3:00pm to 4:00pm via Zoom. Led by Jackie Rabouin.

How to Join

See the CAPS calendar for details.

Meet the Counselors

Jackie Rabouin HeadshotJackie Rabouin, MFT, PhD, is an African-American cisgender female in a blended family with a husband, two adult step-children, and seven step-grandchildren (three of whom are biracial). She has a particular emphasis on counseling those identified as African, Black, or Caribbean (ABC). Her experience includes providing counseling and case management services to persons of various races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, and levels of ability for more than 25 years.


jess-magallanes-evans headshot.pngJessica Magallanes-Evans, Psy.D. is a cisgender, Latinx, Queer woman, born and raised in Southern California. She is a Clinical Psychologist with a Multicultural focus. Jess works from a Person-Centered therapeutic framework, while incorporating cognitive-behavioral, solution focused, and trauma informed therapies. Jess’s work is largely attentive to the intersections of various parts of identity, including culture and ethnicity, sexual identity, and gender.


jp-cropped.pngJaeliên Pinheiro, M.A. identifies as a queer femme Vietnamese/Portuguese-American person and is currently a doctoral student of Clinical Psychology. As a QPOC clinician and advocate, Jaeliên has had a long standing passion for applying social justice oriented approaches in therapy that largely focus on cultivating self-compassion, self-discovery, and psychological healing and liberation from oppressive systems of power. It is Jaeliên’s hope that group therapy may be one place for students to experience moments of shared humanity, meaningful exploration, community, and belonging.    


erin-crenshaw.jpgAs a Black and Mexican female, Erin understands the unique plight of underserved populations and the multi-dimensionality of identity formation. She approaches therapy with a Humanistic and Person-Centered foundation, also drawing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy. Erin is passionate about social justice issues and advocating for her clients. Accordingly, therapy with her emphasizes empowerment and a focus on client strengths. Erin has worked with clients across the age spectrum, most of whom are survivors of generational trauma.

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