Peer-Led Workshops

Our skilled and dedicated undergraduate CAPS Peer Educators are proud to offer free workshops to the UCSC campus community on a variety of wellness topics, including:

  • Stress Less
  • Overcoming Test Anxiety
  • How to Support a Friend

To schedule a peer-led workshop for your student org, dorm, or special event, please complete this online form: WORKSHOP REQUEST FORM

Several times each quarter, peer-led workshops are also offered at CAPS for all registered UCSC students.  These free 40- to 60-minute workshops are drop-in only: No advanced registration or sign-in is required. FREE FOOD is provided!


Spring 2017 Peer-Led Drop-in Workshop Schedule

Location: CAPS Group Room, Student Health Center, East Wing, 2nd floor
Topic Date & Time
Stress Less Monday, 5/22, noon
Stress Less Thursday, 5/25, 2 pm
Overcoming Test Anxiety Friday, 5/26, 11 am
Stress Less Thursday, 6/1, 2 pm
Stress Less Friday, 6/2, 11 am

Workshop Descriptions

Stress Less

Want to learn new ways to manage stress and feel better?  CAPS’ peer-led Stress Less workshops are 60-minute interactive, relaxing, and resource-filled experiences designed to help you identify areas of stress and make a plan for immediate (and long-term!) stress relief. Our Peer Educators are well-trained in stress-management techniques, tips, and strategies, and they look forward to sharing their experiences and knowledge with you. Drop in to a pre-scheduled workshop, or fill out our online WORKSHOP REQUEST FORM.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Anxiety and worry related to exam performance affect most college students. This 60-minute peer-led workshop on test anxiety is designed to give you an overview of how to recognize the signs; broaden your perspective; and learn valuable, practical tools to reduce anxiety and perform your best.  Drop in to a pre-scheduled workshoip, or fill out our online WORKSHOP REQUEST FORM.

How to Support a Friend

Almost everyone knows someone who is having a hard time, but we don’t always know how to help. If you feel unprepared or worry about “saying the wrong thing,” this workshop is for you!  "How to Support a Friend" is a peer-led workshop designed to help you recognize common signs of depression and anxiety and teach you valuable skills, including when and how to refer a friend to CAPS.  So, take 40 minutes out of your day to learn what to say and do to be a better and more supportive friend!  Drop in to a pre-scheduled workshop, or fill out our online WORKSHOP REQUEST FORM.