CAPS Current Services

October 08, 2020

Is CAPS Open for Services?

Yes! CAPS is open and here for you! We continue to offer a range of services; most are online. We know that most of you have left campus, and some of you are still on campus—we are here to support all of you, wherever you are this quarter.

See below for the services that are available. You can also call CAPS at 831-459-2628.

Individual Counseling

  • Initial appointments: If you are not in a crisis and want to arrange an initial therapy appointment, call CAPS at (831) 459-2628. We’ll let you know how to connect with your therapist remotely through phone or video.
  • Continuing treatment appointments: If you’re continuing your regular therapy sessions, send a secure message to your CAPS therapist through Health e-messenger to schedule.
  • See "How can I get individual counseling?" in the FAQs below for more information.

Case Management Services

Case managers support students in connecting to on- and off-campus resources for medical and mental health needs. Students can call CAPS at (831-459-2628) to schedule a case management appointment. Phone and Zoom appointments are available during normal business hours.

Groups and Workshops

CAPS is offering several groups online. The Let's Talk drop-in program also has several ongoing, online sessions. See our Groups schedule and Let's Talk page for details, or check out the CAPS calendar. The Anxiety Toolbox Workshops are now online, too!


If you have been receiving ongoing psychiatric services, you will be able to continue with your provider via telehealth. If you have been referred for a psychiatric evaluation, that visit will take place via Zoom video. However, given the limited number of psychiatric providers currently, there may be a delay in receiving an evaluation. Off-campus or primary care resources may be offered instead by a case manager.

Mental Health Crisis Services

  • Call 911 in your location if there is an immediate safety concern.
  • Call CAPS at 831-459-2628 (24/7) to consult or discuss your issue. In some cases, if you are on campus, CAPS can provide you with an office to Zoom in with the crisis counselor if you need to be seen the same day.

Let's Talk

  • If you have a question or want some support, but you're not sure you want formal counseling, then online Let's Talk drop-in sessions are for you. 
  • If you want to consult with a CAPS staff and cannot make the Let’s Talk time, please call CAPS at 831-459-2628 and we can direct you to the best resource.

Online Care and Self-Help Options

  • LiveHealth Online: Have secure, online video visits with licensed medical and mental health professionals for any healthcare needs. LiveHealth online has a co-pay and no referral is needed.
  • Therapy Assistance Online: Use interactive tools and self-care exercises for mental health concerns. There is no charge for these services.
  • Relaxation Resources: We know this is a stressful time and we’ve put together some resources on how to relax, including guided meditations, articles, and app recommendations.

CAPS Current Services FAQ

Can I meet with a CAPS therapist in-person?

Due to concerns about COVID-19, we are unable to provide in-person meetings. CAPS is providing services via Zoom and phone.

How can I get individual counseling?

If you do not have a current therapist, call CAPS at 831-459-2628 (Mon-Fri 8-5pm) to schedule an appointment with a CAPS provider. During the appointment, the CAPS therapist will find out more about your concerns and discuss options for treatment: through CAPS, or with a therapist in Santa Cruz, or at home.

If you have been working with a CAPS therapist, send a secure message to your CAPS therapist through Health e-messenger to resume services. CAPS wants to offer extra support for students at this time and may be able to provide additional sessions beyond our usual brief therapy model. Please contact the CAPS therapist you have seen in the past by sending a secure message through Health e-messenger.

If you were referred for therapy off-campus but haven’t gotten connected: 

  • If you are in Santa Cruz, we encourage you to call the off-campus referrals you were given. 
  • If you are having trouble finding a therapist in Santa Cruz or you are back home, please contact the CAPS staff you originally saw by sending a secure message through Health e-messenger. CAPS staff can help you to find a therapist or may be able to provide remote counseling as a temporary measure.
If you were working with an off-campus therapist in Santa Cruz:
  • Please contact your off-campus therapist. That therapist may be able to provide remote services.
  • If you are unable to receive services from your off-campus therapist, please call CAPS (831-459-2628) to schedule an appointment with a Case Manager to discuss options
 Can I use my insurance to see a therapist at home (i.e., outside of Santa Cruz)?
  • If you have your own private insurance, you will need to contact your insurance plan to find a therapist.
  • If you have UC SHIP, you can use that plan for counseling and psychiatry services at home. Search for a UC SHIP provider.
  • If you are comfortable working remotely with a therapist who is not CAPS-affiliated, you can also find a therapist through LiveHealth Online.
  • If you have UC SHIP insurance and have found a therapist but don’t have an insurance form, please call CAPS at 831-459-2628 to generate a referral form.
  • If you need help finding a provider, please call CAPS at 831-459-2628 and we can assist you.
Can CAPS help me with other resources on campus?
  • CAPS is continuing to collaborate with other campus resources, including the Ethnic Resource Centers, Cantu Center, EOP, and DRC to best serve students in creative ways during these challenging times.
  • If you have any suggestions for services that we can offer, please let us know!