Meet Our Staff

Counseling and Psychological Services at UC Santa Cruz is a decentralized service with professionally trained counseling psychologists located in many of our colleges and in our central counseling office in the Cowell Student Health Center Building. The staff members come from a variety of backgrounds and have special interests and experiences in helping students explore various issues. The following is a list of counseling psychologists and their locations.

Please keep in mind that although some of us have a particular interest in some areas, all of us on staff are aware of the social pressures and cultural characteristics which affect particular groups in different ways. Therefore, we have been trained in aspects of multicultural counseling; gay, lesbian, and bisexual counseling; rape and sexual abuse counseling; and in counseling students with disabilities. The CAPS staff engage in mandatory and elective continuing education for mental health professionals.

    Counseling and Psychiatry Staff

  • Gary Dunn

    Gary Dunn, Ph.D., CAPS Director

    CAPS Central Office
    (831) 459-2628

    Gary is a licensed psychologist who has experience and training in individual, couples and group therapy. He has a background in community mental health and hospital-based psychology. He is interested in the treatment of sexual abuse survivors, dissociative identity disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Gary’s primary training is in cognitive-behavioral therapy and strategic therapy. He is also interested in health psychology, healthcare administration, and leadership development.
  • MaryJan Murphy

    MaryJan Murphy, Ph.D., Senior Associate Director

    CAPS Central Office
    (831) 459-2120

    MaryJan is a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and is the Training Director for our APA-Accredited Predoctoral Internship Program in Professional Psychology. She has experience and training in individual, couples, and group therapy, outreach and consultation, and supervision and training. Her training has included integrative and developmental approaches to psychotherapy. She is interested in training and supervision, women's issues, eating disorders, rape and sexual assault, issues facing reentry students, relationship concerns, and career development.
  • Dorje Jennette

    Dorje Jennette, Psy.D., Associate Director for Clinical Services

    CAPS Central Office
    (831) 459-4038

    Dorje is a licensed psychologist with a Doctor of Psychology degree in clinical psychology. His career has been devoted to university counseling centers and their full range of wellness-enhancing services. He worked at university counseling centers on the East Coast and at the University of Hawaii before devoting most of his career to the University of California. He transferred from UC Davis to become UCSC's CAPS clinical director in 2013. His interests include collaborative integration of mind/body care, as well as assessing attention difficulties and developing mindfulness skills. Dorje celebrates diversity and is committed to the lifelong development of multicultural competencies.
  • Melody Fo

    Melody Fo, Psy.D.

    Student Health Center
    (831) 459-1708

    Melody is a licensed psychologist with experience in individual and group therapy. Prior to joining the CAPS team, she worked at university counseling centers and hospitals providing integrated behavioral health care. Melody values collaborative relationships and tailors her approach to meet individual student needs. She most often utilizes evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioral and Mindfulness-based approaches. Areas of interest include health and wellness, anxiety, stress management, trauma, disordered eating, and evidence-based treatments.
  • Christine Merriman

    Christine Merriman, LCSW, Psychiatric Case Manager

    CAPS Central Office
    (831) 459-2649

    Christine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience in individual, couples, family and group therapy. She has worked in mental health, healthcare and end of life care, as well as residential treatment and school-based prevention/intervention programs providing case management and psychotherapy services. Christine meets each student with openness and respect, and her approach recognizes people's developmental systems, and cultural factors as well as their emotional, physical and spiritual strengths. She has particular expertise in the areas of sexual abuse/assault, people raised in non-traditional homes including foster care, guardianship and adoption, living with a serious illness, death and dying, grief and loss, mindfulness and integrative therapies.
  • Karen Peterson

    Karen Peterson, M.D., Psychiatrist

    CAPS Central Office
    (831) 459-2628

    Karen is a board certified General Psychiatrist and a member in good standing with the American Psychiatric Association for over 20 years. As a former Air Force psychiatrist, Karen has worked all over the world, and in widely varying conditions. She has additionally had numerous academic teaching positions and worked with the severely mentally and physically ill in community mental health. She comes to the CAPS team with an expertise and joy in working with young adults. Karen understands the needs, strengths and challenges of young adults engaged in major life transitions. Her aim is to provide comprehensive assessments and treatment recommendations based on the student's individual needs, personal goals, clinical condition, and in accordance with evidence-based medicine.

  • Jenner Rosgen

    Jenner Rosgen, M.A., LMFT, Case Manager

    CAPS Central Office
    (831) 459-2895

    Jenner is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Prior to becoming the Case Manager at CAPS, she worked as a therapist and case manager at a residential treatment facility for adolescents in the foster care system and at a drug and alcohol treatment facility. Jenner’s approach is interactive, empathetic, collaborative, and respectful. Jenner has worked with a variety of issues and has worked with diverse populations and people of all age groups. Her areas of expertise and interest include anxiety, depression, LGBTQI issues, trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse survivors, addiction, divorce, parenting skills, stress management, relationships, grief and loss, foster care, and self harm.

  • Counselors in the Colleges

  • Brent Alsaker

    Brent Alsaker, LCSW

    Merrill College, Academic Bldg., Rm 107
    (831) 459-2828

    Brent Alsaker is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience in individual, couples and group therapy in university counseling centers and in private practice. Brent’s approach to counseling is relational, collaborative and draws on interpersonal, attachment, mindfulness and cognitive strategies to facilitate personal growth and relieve distress. Brent believes that it is important to respect and celebrate the many identities that student have. He is particularly interested in working with students from diverse and multicultural backgrounds, students who identify as LGBTIQ , students  on the Autism Spectrum,  family of origin issues and promoting social justice.

  • Glory Blanceagle

    Glory Blanceagle, Psy.D.

    Academic Resources Center, Room 229
    (831) 459-1818 

    Glory is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked with students on university campuses primarily in Connecticut and New York. Dr. Blanceagle has training and a special interest working with students of color, Latina/Latino, immigrant, first generation and international students. She also has training working with diversity, multiculturalism and with students experiencing trauma, grief and bereavement. She worked three years in Connecticut with the Department of Justice on the Office on Violence Against Women college consortium grant and has experience working with interpersonal violence, sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence. She attended Long Island University, C. W. Post Campus, and was trained in psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, interpersonal and relational theoretical orientations. She recently relocated from Cornell University to UC Santa Cruz and has an office in the Academic Resources Center (ARC) .

  • Emilie Cate

    Emilie Cate, Ph.D.

    Kresge College, Room 162
    (831) 459-2753

    Emilie is a licensed counseling psychologist experienced in providing individual, couples and group therapy. She enjoys working collaboratively and from a strength-based perspective with all students, particularly international, first generation, graduate, and transfer students. Emilie specializes in issues associated with stress and mood; relationships; sexuality; LGBTQ identity; disability and ability; social justice issues; and the intersection of multiple identities. Her theoretical orientation integrates mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, and multicultural approaches to therapy.
  • Blair Davis

    Blair Davis, Psy.D.

    Stevenson College, Room 271
    (831) 459-5883

    Blair is a licensed psychologist with experience treating mood and anxiety disorders, relational issues, substance abuse, trauma, identity issues, and life transitions. She has provided individual, group, crisis, and couples therapy at several universities, including an art college, at an agency for people with disabilities, and at a low-fee therapy clinic. Blair tailors her approach to suit the needs and personality of each student, combining cognitive-behavioral, insight-oriented, client-centered, and art therapy, as well as mindfulness. She enjoys helping students learn about themselves and feel more self-accepting, as well as collaborating with them to plan for change and growth. Her areas of interest include drug and alcohol issues, gender and sexuality, the arts, popular culture, and eating disorders and body image.
  • Elena Herrera, Psy.D.

    Elena Herrera, Psy.D.

    Porter College, Room D229
    (831) 459-2572

    Elena is a Spanish speaking licensed psychologist with a Doctor of Psychology degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. She has experience working in college counseling centers, and in community mental health with low income and underserved populations. She has worked with children, adolescents, and adults coping with anxiety and mood disorders, relational and family difficulties, substance abuse, physical and sexual abuse, and socioeconomic challenges due to low income, lack of adequate health insurance, language barriers, undocumented status and discrimination. Elena is passionate about social justice and equality, and is committed to working with students from diverse backgrounds, including first generation college students of color, LGBTQ individuals, and undocumented students.
  • Audrey Kim

    Audrey Kim, Ph.D.

    Social Sciences 1, Room 259
    (831) 459-1373

    Audrey is a licensed psychologist with experience in individual, couples, and group therapy. Audrey generally approaches counseling from a developmental and growth-oriented perspective using insight-oriented as well as cognitive behavioral techniques. Her areas of interest include relationship issues, eating concerns, and career counseling. She especially enjoys working with students of color, first generation college students, and graduate students.
  • Amy Mandell

    Amy Mandell, LMFT

    Social Sciences 1, Room 257
    (831) 502-7193

    Amy is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Prior to becoming the Case Manager at CAPS, she worked as a therapist and case manager at multiple community mental health settings including a foster and adoption care agency in Oakland, and a GLBTQ therapy center in San Francisco. She enjoys working with young adults, families, and couples. Her therapeutic approach is collaborative and strength-based with an emphasis on multicultural competence. Her areas of expertise and interest include anxiety, depression, relationship issues, GLBTQ issues, cross-cultural services, bipolar disorder, psychosis, eating disorders, grief and loss, AB540 students, self-harm, veterans, foster care, sexual abuse survivors, and identity formation.
  • Patrice Monsour

    A. Patrice Monsour, Ph.D.

    College 8, Room 212 Academic Building
    (831) 459-2109

    Patrice is a licensed psychologist with a background in clinical/community psychology and Zen Buddhism. Her interests include spirituality, GLBT issues, multicultural counseling (especially with Middle Eastern students), healing from child abuse, and working with transfer and reentry students. She integrates developmental, existential, and Buddhist approaches to counseling.
  • Jodi Mulder

    Jodi Mulder, LCSW

    Oakes College, Room 225
    (831) 459-2220

    Jodi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She has a background working in school social work, an international community agency, and private practice. In her work with students, she integrates cognitive behavioral techniques, insight oriented therapy and motivation interviewing. Her interests include family and relationship dynamics, substance abuse, students in transition, and spirituality. She enjoys working with international students, incoming freshman and student athletes.
  • Julia Ragen, Psy.D.

    Julia Ragen, Psy.D.

    Kresge College, Room 236
    (831) 502-8029

    Julia is a licensed psychologist with training and experience at college counseling centers and community mental health settings on both coasts (and in New Mexico!).  She works from a collaborative, humanistic, psychodynamic foundation to engage in a broad generalist range of issues incorporating an integrative approach - using therapeutic models that fit best to each student's needs to relieve distress and help create change. Julia is devoted to lifelong learning and growth for ourselves and in our communities.

  • Susan Gulbe Walsh, Ph.D.

    Susan Gulbe Walsh, Ph.D.

    Family Student Housing, Apt. 712
    (831) 459-2377

    Susan is a licensed psychologist who has training and experience in individual, couples, and group therapy, as well as a background working in social service, mental health, and educational settings. She is particularly interested in cultural, identity, and eating issues and is passionate about community mental health, social justice, and the interface between psychology and religion. Her therapeutic approach is integrative with an emphasis on imaginal, existential, and psychodynamic perspectives; she also draws on treatment modalities such as expressive arts therapy, mindfulness and somatic practices.

  • Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Koyun Alice Chi, Ph.D.

    Koyun Alice Chi, Ph.D.

    Merrill Rm 107 A
    (831) 459-5346

    Alice is a Postdoctoral Fellow at CAPS and holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University. Alice completed her internship at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. She approaches counseling from a psychodynamic perspective while incorporating other treatment modalities such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, expressive arts, and mindfulness-based practices. Alice is particularly interested in the intersection between family, culture, and food. Her areas of expertise and interest include eating disorders, multicultural/bicultural identity formation, international students, first generation college students, and students of color. 

  • Colin Dietz, Ph.D.

    Colin Dietz, Ph.D.

    Cowell College Rm 206
    (831) 459-3630

    Colin is a Postdoctoral Fellow at CAPS. He graduated from California School of Professional Psychology in San Francisco with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and completed his internship at Butler University Consortium. Colin approaches counseling from a student-centered perspective by taking into account individual, cultural, and societal consideration to help foster exploration and growth. He works with college students on a variety of concerns, including adjustment to college, identity development, anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief/loss. Colin is particularly passionate about working with students who identify as LGBTQ and spreading awareness regarding sexual violence. As a former collegiate athlete, Colin also enjoys providing support to student-athletes wishing to succeed academically, socially, and physically.

  • Tiffany Nowell

    Tiffany Nowell, Ph.D.

    Kresge College, Room 234
    (831) 502-8028

    Tiffany is a Postdoctoral Fellow at CAPS who recently graduated from Saint Louis University with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She completed her internship at Stony Brook University’s Counseling and Psychological Services Center in New York where she worked with students from a wide range of educational, financial, and cultural backgrounds. Tiffany primarily practices psychotherapy from a psychodynamic and interpersonal perspective yet collaborates with each student to tailor therapy to accommodate their specific needs for growth and wellness. She has prior experience working with individuals who are struggling with issues related to alcohol and other drug use (AOD), trauma, sexuality and identity development, family of origin difficulties, as well as other obstacles that impact psychological well-being.

  • Ashley Wickliffe, Psy.D.

    Ashley Wickliffe, Psy.D.

    Central Rm 2448
    (831) 459-4481

    Ashley is a Postdoctoral Fellow at CAPS and graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. She completed her doctoral internship at the Bowling Green State University Counseling Center. She has worked with a variety of populations including adolescents, university aged adults, and adults with acute psychiatric conditions at an inpatient hospital. She enjoys working with individuals from diverse and multicultural backgrounds, particularly those with LGBTQ identities. Her clinical interests include, but are not limited to, anxiety disorders, complex relational issues, religion/spirituality concerns, and issues related to identity development. She is also passionate about engaging with the campus community through consultation and outreach programing.

  • Interns

  • Alesha Harris, MA

    Alesha Harris, MA

    Central Rm 2458
    (831) 502-7192

    Alesha is a Psychology Intern completing her PhD in Counseling Psychology at Boston College. She has experience working with adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal issues, and racial identity development. Her therapeutic approach is guided by a multicultural framework. She is particularly interested in ADHD, career development, and promoting positive racial identity development in college students.

  • Raghav Suri, MA

    Raghav Suri, MA

    Central Rm 2460
    (831) 502-7220

    Raghav is a Psychology Intern completing his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology at Wright State University. Raghav uses a relational approach in his work and believes that one's past experiences with parents, friends and significant others impacts how they perceives and responds to different situations in life. He has experience working with individuals experiencing relationship difficulties, identity formation/struggles, social and generalized anxiety, depression, eating disorders, autism spectrum disorder, and survivors of abuse and trauma.

  • Roberto Villegas-Gold, MA

    Roberto Villegas-Gold, MA

    Central Rm 2456
    (831) 459-2620

    Roberto is a Psychology Intern completing his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Roberto approaches counseling from an integrative and strengths-based perspective, with an emphasis on emotion focused, interpersonal, and mindfulness based cognitive behavioral techniques. He has received the majority of his training in the area of college mental health, and enjoys working with college students to help them attain their educational goals and personal growth and development.  Roberto has experience working with mood and anxiety disorders, grief and loss, interpersonal relationship issues, and adjustment issues. His areas of interest include ethnic/racial identity issues, PTSD, and mindfulness.

  • Office Staff

  • Debbie Hall

    Debbie Hall

    Assistant to the Director & Office Manager
    (831) 459-2629
  • Tony Ayala

    Tony Ayala

    CAPS Assistant
    (831) 459-2628  
  • Tarini Rae

    Tarini Rae, C.M.A.

    CAPS Medical Assistant
    (831) 459-2214