Groups and Workshops: Overview

CAPS offers a variety of groups and workshops throughout the year. Based on your initial phone appointment, we may recommend one of these services. You can also call us to get more information on groups and workshops you've heard about.


Groups, led by CAPS counselors, are typically held once a week for a quarter, and many groups continue through fall, winter, and spring. Most of our groups require sign-up and commitment to attend for one quarter. A few groups are drop-in groups, meaning you can just show up any week.

Visit our Groups page to learn more and see the most recent schedule, updated at the start of each quarter.


Some workshops are offered by CAPS counselors, and others are offered by our trained Peer Educators. Workshops may occur on a one-time basis or as part of a series, such as our Wellness Wednesdays series, offered weekly during fall, winter, and spring, with a different topic each week (e.g., self-compassion, academic skills, mindfulness). We also regularly offer a 3-part series called Embrace Your Life, which uses mindfulness-based tools to increase insight and build coping.

Visit our Peer-Led Workshops, Wellness Series, and Embrace Your Life pages to learn more and see the most recent schedules.

We can also work with student and professional UCSC staff to offer workshops tailored to your audience: Contact us at (831) 459-2628 to discuss workshop options. Please give us at least 3 weeks' notice so we can coordinate with you and prepare.

Learn More

Visit the CAPS Calendar, updated at the beginning of every quarter, to see all our current groups, workshops, and other events, or call us during business hours at (831) 459-2628 to find out more. We also frequently post about upcoming groups and other events on our Facebook page.

Please contact us if you require a disability accommodation for any CAPS service or event.