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Counseling Groups Spring 2023

CAPS offers two types groups: 1) Weekly groups, which require students to sign up for a quarter and attend weekly after a short screening meeting with the counselor(s) running the group, and 2) Drop-in groups, to which students can come any time with no screening appointment. For more info about a specific group, call the counselor(s) listed. 

Weekly Groups


Call CAPS to schedule a short screening appointment and sign up for the quarter.
Groups usually fill up by the second or third week of the quarter. We offer in person and zoom group options. Locations are listed on the CAPS Calendar

Mondays 12:30–1:30 p.m.


Three-Part Workshop Series
Must be able to attend all 3 dates of a series to participate.

ADHD Toolbox is a three-part series designed to helpyou better understand how ADHD symptoms canimpact your time in college. You will learn tools forbetter managing your time, how to get and stayorganized, and how to regulate emotions with ADHD. Series 1 Dates: 4/17,4/24, 5/1 Series 2 Dates: 5/8, 5/15, 5/22

Molly Allgood, Psy.D.831-459-2628 to sign up

1–2:30 p.m.
Asian American/Pacific
Islander/South West
Asian & North African (AA/PI/SWANA) Group
A confidential space for AA/PI/SWANA students who would like to be in community with other AA/PI/SWANA students and explore relationships, school, family, identity, and other topics. Kim Nguyen, M.A.
(831) 502-7192

3:00–4:30 p.m.

DBT 2.0 A subsequent group for students who have
already completed the DBT skills group who
are looking for a space to review skills,
process real life application of DBT principles
to reduce troubling behaviors, and help
improve coping with distressing situations
and problems in relationships.

This is a group that assumes a high level of
participation and attendance inside the
group, as well as individual therapy outside of
the group.
Tara Cryderman Psy.D.
(831) 459-2753

3:00–4:30 p.m.


Gender Queer
Therapy Group
An in-person, affirmative group for
undergraduate students who are members of
the Gender Queer community (trans, nonbinary, and/or intersex) to learn and explore more about themselves, their interpersonal relationships, and significant life experiences.
Jess Magallanes-Evans,
(831) 459-2109
Dean Khambatta, MFT

11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Anxiety Skills Group

Is anxiety coming between you and your goals? Learn helpful skills to manage anxious thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations in a safe and supportive group setting.

Richard Enriquez, Ph.D.
(831) 459-4799

1:30–3:00 p.m.
& Tuesdays
1–2:30 p.m.

Healing After Sexual Assault

A group designed to provide a supportive and safe environment for students who have experienced sexual assault as an adult to share experiences, connect with others, and receive support in regaining a greater sense of control and empowerment in their lives.

Danielle Smith, Ph.D.
(831) 459-5388

Shola Shodiya-Zeumault,
(831) 459-2620

Judie Roberts, Ph.D.
(831) 459-5704

3:30–5:00 pm

Canceled this Quarter

(Sanar Emociones y Relaciones/
Healing Emotions and Relationships)

This support group is for Latinx
students who want to deepen self-
understanding, enhance self-care, and
learn ways to navigate difficult

Erica Lopez LMFT
(831) 459-

9:00-10:30 a.m.

Graduate Women’s Group

A supportive place for graduate students who identify as female, to talk about the stressors of being a grad student, both personal and professional. Common topics include relationship with faculty and peers, Imposter Syndrome, procrastination, and how to have a life outside of grad school.

Audrey Kim, Ph.D.
(831) 459-1373

34:30 p.m.

34:30 p.m.

DBT-Based Skills For Managing Intense Emotions

A group for students who are struggling with emotions that are so intense or overwhelming that they lead to problems like self-harm, thinking about suicide, or instability in relationships. DBT skills groups can help you learn new, evidence-based ways of handling intense emotions, and reduce the troubling behaviors and other struggles that go with them, so that life feels more worth living.


Audrey Kim, Ph.D.
(831) 459-1373

Judie Roberts, Ph.D.
(831) 459-5704


Danielle Smith, Ph.D.
(831) 459-5388 &

Sophia Hawkins, M.A.
(831) 502-7220

3:00–4:00 PM


The Black Biracial/Multiracial Group provides a safe space where people with one blackparent/grandparent and the other parent/grandparent of another race can claim both identities simultaneously and not have to choose one over the other.

The space is to be welcoming, supportive, and educational. The group will also be working w/AARCC to create spaces for socializing and having fun. We look forward to having you!

Jacquelyn Rabouin, LMFT,
(831) 459-2220

3:30–5:00 PM

Neurodivergent Group 

Interested in connecting with other
students who identify as neurodivergent?
We welcome you to a confidential, weekly
space to build community, be supported in
an affirming environment, and gain skills to
manage a variety of challenges.


Niki Severson, LCSW
(831) 459-2753

3:00–5:00 p.m.
Black LGBT Group The Black LGBT Group is space where you can be all of your identities at once and completely accepted for who you are. This is also a space where you can discuss the concerns unique to being LGBT and African, Black and Caribbean and build community simultaneously. Jacquelyn Rabouin, LMFT,
(831) 459-2220

Lain Lease LMFT
(831) 459-1476

3:305:40 p.m.

Graduate Men’s Group

A support group for graduate students who identify as male, and wish to come together to discuss the challenges of being a grad student. This group is participant driven, with the goal of fostering a deeper sense of community while exploring personal, academic, and professional concerns.

Richard Enriquez, Ph.D.
(831) 459-4799

4:005:00 p.m.

Black Women's Group

The Black Women's Group is for students who identify as female and African, Black and Caribbean to discuss and share feelings about the trials and triumphs of being a self-identified black woman in 2023. Topics for discussion will include the challenges of relationships, finances, family, school, weight, self-esteem, and loss, as examples.

Jacquelyn Rabouin, LMFT, Ph.D.
(831) 459-2220

View the CAPS Calendar 

Psychiatry 101: Is it Right for Me?

For students who have never taken psychiatric/ psychotropic medication and have questions and concerns about seeking psychiatry care.

Christine Merriman, MSW, LCSW
(831) 459-2649 

* Requires initial referral from a Clinician


Drop-in Counseling Programs


View CAPS Calendar for dates and times

So, You Think You Have ADHD: Now What?

For students who suspect they have ADHD, have never been diagnosed, and want to explore options for treating their symptoms. 

Christine Merriman, MSW, LCSW
(831) 459-2649 


View CAPS Calendar for dates and times 

Case Management Drop-In 

Brief confidential check-in with a case manager to discuss topics such as off campus referrals, insurance, resources on and off campus, or psychological testing. No appointment needed. Case Management Information.

Case Management Staff 


2:003:00 p.m.

Black Minds Matter

An opportunity for students to discuss current events that affect the black community (hybrid: in person and zoom)

Jacquelyn Rabouin, LMFT. Ph.D.
(831) 459-2220

The schedule posted above and our CAPS GOOGLE CALENDAR are updated at the beginning of fall, winter, and spring quarters and provide the schedule and description of the groups we are currently offering.

Groups that are offered each quarter vary, but typical groups offered by CAPS may address the following:

  • Anxiety issues
  • Eating problems and body image
  • Grief and loss
  • How one relates to oneself and/or other people
  • LGBTQI identity and concerns
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Sexual trauma
  • Student of color identity and concerns
  • Support and discussion around general issues for women

To get started with most of our groups, contact the CAPS main office or the counselor facilitating that group (listed on the group schedule page), who will talk to you about the group to make sure that it would be appropriate for your needs and prepare you for the group experience. This contact will give you an opportunity to decide if the group is a good choice for you. Most of our groups require that you sign up at the beginning of a quarter and attend weekly for that quarter. For drop-in Zoom or in-person groups, you can just show up any week with no prior sign-up.

Sign-up for weekly groups usually happens in the first week or two of each quarter, so be sure to contact us before groups fill up and close for the quarter.

Please call CAPS at (831) 459-2628 for more information or if you require a disability accommodation for a group.