Student Volunteer Opportunities

2016–2017 Peer Educators

CAPS offers two unique opportunities for students to get involved as volunteers: our Peer Education Program (PEP) and our Student Advisory Board (SAB). Both are year-long commitments, and each has a different focus and entails different activities and duties. 

What Is the CAPS Student Advisory Board?

Founded in 2013, the CAPS Student Advisory Board (SAB) is made up of a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students who advise CAPS on matters of mental health services and outreach to all students and provide input on various agency decisions, such as CAPS services and marketing. SAB members sometimes participate in staff searches and engage in special projects. We truly value CAPS SAB input and work hard to implement suggestions generated by our group process.

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What Is the CAPS Peer Education Program?

Founded in 2013, the mission of the CAPS Peer Education Program (PEP) is to increase awareness and reduce stigma around mental health issues and treatment, with a primary focus on facilitating educational workshops and outreach to the UCSC student community.  Our talented and diverse team of undergraduate Peer Educators are trained in a variety of topics to help them succeed in their role.  CAPS is proud of our Peers' valuable contributions to the mental health and well-being of our campus.  

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