Following are links to a variety of on-campus departments and programs, local Santa Cruz resources, and web resources that you may find useful. In the left menu, you will see additional links to self-help wellness and mental health tools, as well as guides for parents/families and off-campus mental health providers who work with CAPS. Students, faculty, and staff can find additional relevant links at the bottom of our home page and in our Self-Help Library. Prior CAPS newsletters.

UCSC Resources

Campus Coaching Resources for Students

There are many different resources on our campus to help students with life! If you find yourself needing help sorting out and resolving problematic behaviors, beliefs, and feelings that are causing you mental distress, therapy might be the best choice for you. Please call CAPS to get started in therapy. But if you are interested in talking with someone about strategies and goals that you want to implement that align with your values, you may want to consider wellness coaching. Please check out the following coaching programs on our campus to see what they can offer you.

Santa Cruz Substance Use and Mental Health Resources

Web Resources for Mental Health and Wellness