CAPS Anti-Racist Statement

The recent racialized violence that has occurred across our nation has compelled us as mental health professionals in Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to challenge ourselves and our systems to change.  We recognize that systemic racism manifests not only in physical violence, but in ongoing violence of denying BIPOC communities equity in healthcare, housing, employment, education, the judicial system, and other resources necessary to lead full and healthy lives.  Systemic racism drives racial inequities that impact every aspect of health and mental health.  Our goal is to provide mental health services that acknowledge these disparities and to serve all UCSC students equitably.

As a department, we understand that statements of support in themselves are not sufficient. We are committed to enacting change in CAPS to become an antiracist organization. CAPS is based on foundational values that promote respect, diversity, inclusion, social justice, and equity. 

  • We are committed to confronting our own biases, stereotypes, and racial worldviews in order to move forward to change.
  • We are discussing issues of race and the impact they have on our organization and staff.
  • We are challenging ourselves to confront our own racism and privilege and to evaluate the structures of our workplace for inequalities and any forms of racism.
  • We are committed to ongoing recruitment of staff from diverse backgrounds and creating open spaces for us to continue the conversation over time to enact real change on the journey of becoming an antiracist organization.

It is our goal to understand and correct any inequities that we may discover as we engage in gaining a better understanding of ourselves and our organization so that we can continue to provide services with care and compassion to all UCSC students.