LGBTQ+ Counseling Services

Our LGBTQ+ counselors are knowledgeable about intersecting and non-binary identities, polyamory, the coming out process, experiences of homophobia and transphobia, adjustment to college, family concerns, trauma, self-esteem and much more  

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Brent Alsaker, LCSW

• Sexual and Gender Identity Development
• LGBTIQ+ Relationship concerns
• Social Justice and Multicultural Issues
• Gender non-binary Ally
• Depression
• Anxiety



Polina Apilado, PsyD

 • Sexual and Gender Identity Development
• Social Justice and Multicultural Issues
• Intersectionality of identity
• Immigration issues/identity (particularly 1, 1.5, and 2nd gen)
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Self-harm

Amy Mandell, LMFT

• Sexual and Gender Identity Development
• First Generation College Students
• Social Justice and Multicultural Issues
• Undocumented Student Ally
• Family and Relationship Development
• Anxiety
• Trauma
• Eating Disorder Concerns

To make an appointment with one of these counselors, call the main CAPS office at 831-459-2628
To learn more about all the CAPS counselors, go to our Meet the Staff page

Confidential, anonymous, brief consultation with a queer-identified counselor.  No appointment needed, just drop-in
Brent Alsaker, Cantu Queer Center, Mons 1-3 pm
Amy Mandell, Graduate Commons, Thurs 1-3 pm
Let’s Talk is not offered during breaks, over summer, the first week of each quarter, and during finals week

Queer & Questioning Women’s Discussion and Support Group
Queer & Questioning Men’s Discussion and Support Group
Both groups are open to new members throughout the academic year. Group days/times are updated at the beginning of each quarter on the CAPS Groups page.

To learn more about CAPS day and night crisis services, go to our Crisis Assistance page.