CAPS Self-Help Library

graduation cap Academics/College Life pill capsule Alcohol, Drugs, Other Addictions

Academic Success Resources
Academic Success Tips
Adjusting to College
Test Anxiety
Time Management and Procrastination

Alcohol/Drug Self-Assessment
Computer Addiction
Gaming Addiction Screening
Pornography Addiction

Visit our Alcohol & Other Drugs page for more

sad emoticon Depression, Bipolar Disorder watermelon Eating Issues

Beating the Blues: Managing Depression
Bipolar Disorder (overview)
Coping Card: Anxiety & Emotion
Depression & Suicide (overview)
Online Depression Screening
WellTrack Self-Help Program

Do You Have an Eating Issue?
Eating Disorders (overview)
Helping Yourself or a Friend With Eating Issues
How to Help a Friend With an Eating Issue
Self-Help Books for Eating Issues

crying emoticon Grief & Loss cat with heart eyes Relationships, Social Issues

Coping After a Loved One's Suicide
Grief & Loss (overview)
Grief: What Do You Need?
Helping a Friend Cope With Suicide Loss

All About Sexual Consent
Building Social Support Networks
Digital Dating
Sexual Health Resources
Social Anxiety & Introversion Resources
Social Support Self-Assessment
Understanding and Addressing Abuse

emoji of a face with sunglassesSelf-Esteem, Identity
sleeping emoticon Sleep

Challenging Self-Defeating Thoughts
Coming Out Guide
Coming Out as Bisexual Guide
Coming Out Guide for African-Americans
Coming Out Guide for Latino/as (in Spanish)
Self-Esteem Resources

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep
Sleep Log: Track Your Sleep Patterns
Visualization: Energy Release  

MP3 Audio With Female Voice
Autogenics (Relaxation Techniques) (8.75 min)
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (12 min)

MP3 Audio With Male Voice
Autogenics (Relaxation Techniques) (8.5 min)
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (12 min)

 stressed emoticon Stress, Anxiety, Trauma  computer emoji Additional Resources

Anxiety Disorders (overview)
Coping Card: Anxiety & Emotions
Manging Stress
Social Anxiety & Introversion Resources
Test Anxiety
Trauma & PTSD: Helping Yourself or a Friend
WellTrack Self-Help Program

MP3 Audio With Female Voice
Deep Breathing (6 min)
Autogenics (Relaxation Techniques) (8.75 min)
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (12 min)

MP3 Audio With Male Voice
Deep Breathing (5.5 min)
Autogenics (Relaxation Techniques) (8.5 min)
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (8.75 min)

Stress Management Tips (2 min)
Yoga for Stress Relief (6.5 min)

How to Manage Angry Feelings

Mental Health Apps

Exercise for Enhanced Mood & Well-Being
Yoga to Enhance Mood & Well-Being

Mindfulness (overview)

Psychosis (overview)

Racism & Discrimination: Coping, Being an Ally

Referral Tips
Guide to Seeking Off-Campus Psychiatry
Guide to Seeking Off-Campus Therapy

Self-Harm/Cutting (overview)

Self-Help for Stress, Mood
WellTrack Self-Help Program

Waiting for Therapy Appointment
Self-Care Tips While Waiting for Appointment