Energy Release Visualization for Sleep

This simple exercise can help relax the mind and body simultaneously, which allows you to fall asleep faster after a stressful day. It is a way to visualize getting rid of all the energy and stress in your body to prepare it for relaxation and sleep. The imagination can be a powerful tool that works in conjunction with breathing to promote physical relaxation and a peaceful feeling.

  1. Imagine your body filled with a blue energy or gas, swirling around, filling up every part of you.  Imagine this energy represents your worries, stresses, fears, excitement, agitation, and tension.
  2. As you breathe slowly and deeply, envision gently gathering up all of this energy from your toes, feet, calves, and thighs, starting at the bottom and working your way up—feeling each part of your lower body relax as the energy leaves. Envision pulling the blue gas up from your lower body into your stomach area, where it gathers into an energy ball.
  3. While continuing to breathe deeply, envision slowly pulling the blue energy from your fingertips, hands, arms, shoulders, and down into your stomach, letting it join the rest, creating an even larger ball of blue energy. Now, your arms and hands are feeling relaxed.
  4. Keep breathing, and pull the energy down from your head, neck, and chest and add it to the spinning ball of blue energy that now fills your stomach area. Feel a calm in your upper body and head.
  5. This ball of blue energy now contains everything—all of your worries, stresses, and fears. As you slowly and deeply inhale and exhale, envision shooting the energy ball out of the top of your head, through the building, outside, and straight up into the sky. Watch it shoot past the tree tops, through the clouds, and into space like a shooting star.
  6. Feel your body relaxed and calm.  Now, you’re ready to sleep.