Alcohol/Drug Self-Assessment

Indicate Yes (Y) or No (N) in the space provided for each of the following questions:


______  1. Are you unable to stop drinking/using after a particular number of drinks/amount of drugs?


______  2. Do you need a drink or other drugs to get motivated?


______  3. Do you often forget what happened while you were drinking/using?


______  4. Do you drink or use alone?


______  5. Have others annoyed you by saying you drink or use drugs too much?


______  6. Have you been involved in fights with your friends, family, or others while you were drunk or high?


______  7. Have you said or done anything while you were drinking or using that you later regretted?


______  8. Have you destroyed or damaged property while drinking or using?


______  9. Do you drive while high or drunk?


______  10. Have you been physically hurt while drinking or using?


______  11. Have you been in trouble with school authorities or campus or local police because of your drinking or other drug use?


______  12. Have you lost or dropped friends due to your alcohol or other drug use?


______  13. Do you think you are a normal drinker/user despite friends’ comments that you drink or use too much?


______  14. Have you ever missed classes because you were too hung over or high to get there?


______  15. Have you ever done poorly on an exam or an assignment because of drinking or using?


______  16. Do you think about drinking or getting high a lot?


______  17. Do you feel guilty or self-conscious about your drinking or drug use?


______  18. Do you drink or use to cope with shyness/social anxiety or build up self-confidence?


______  19. Do you have to have a drink or another drug to “loosen up” and have fun at social events?


______  20. Do you ever have financial problems due to buying alcohol or other drugs?


______  21. Do you drink or get high to escape from school, home or other worries?


______  22. Do your friends drink or use less than you?


______  23. Has drinking or using other drugs ever landed you in a hospital, clinic or jail?


______  24. Do you think you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs?


A “yes” to one of these questions should serve as a warning sign. If you answered “yes” to 3 or more of these questions, you are using alcohol or other drugs in ways that may be harmful and could be a problem drinker or user.


For more information or assistance, call UCSC Counseling &
Psychological Services at 831-459-2628