30-Minute Mindfulness

Drop-In Group: 30-Minute Mindfulness

Are you struggling with:

  • Stress and anxiety?
  • Problems with concentration and focus?
  • Depressed mood?
  • Effects of trauma?
The latest research indicates that our brains can get stuck in "fight/flight" or "freeze" mode. Drop-in for 30 minutes to learn more about the brain and practice mindful exercises to re-activate the brain so that you can function at your best!

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Please let us know at (831) 459-2628 if you require a disability accommodation.

30 minute Mindfulness sessions, available online any time. 

The CAPS 30 minute Mindfulness sessions are now available for you to watch online and at your own pace. The pre-recorded video will guide you through 4 short exercises in grounding, deep breathing, body scanning and visualization. Access the CAPS mindfulness sessions on Youtube or click the image below.

 view the CAPS mindfulness video on YouTube